Areas of practice

Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation

Commercial Litigation

The litigation group at Reid Morozov Law specializes in providing support to businesses of all sizes. We deal with matters ranging from commercial contract disputes to shareholder and partnership issues. Our approach involves utilizing alternative dispute resolution vehicles such as mediation and arbitration where appropriate, and using courtroom advocacy only as a last resort. Reid Morozov Law has extensive experience, and success, in courtroom advocacy. As each matter is different, Reid Morozov Law’s client-centred approach helps us find the right path for your success.

Estates Litigation

We developed new and creative estate-planning techniques using current case law. We take care to consider a client’s testamentary and other capacities in the drafting of legal documents that distribute wealth after death. Reid Morozov Law practices the Golden Rule to protect a client’s wishes from unwanted posthumous challenges. In case of estate litigation, Reid Morozov Law utilizes professionals from relevant disciplines to form a winning team.

Family and Matrimonial Litigation

Reid Morozov Law has vast experience in resolving complex, high value matrimonial litigations, custody and access disputes, as well as low conflict divorce and mediation proceedings. We tailor our services to your needs and desired outcomes. We will provide the most cost-effective. time-efficient. and results-based advocacy – on your direction. In the event that all low-conflict options are exhausted, we are prepared to take your matter to court to end the conflict as expediently and effectively as possible.

Corporate and Fiduciary services

Corporate governance

Corporate governance is a set of rules, practices and processes that ensure that a corporation conducts its businesses fairly, accountably and openly. It also includes the processes through which the corporation sets up and pursues its objectives within the context of its social, regulatory, and market environment. Corporate governance falls under the duties of a company’s Board of Directors, or its Sole Director; whichever the case may be. It is a fiduciary duty of the Director or each of the directors, and cannot be neglected. Corporate directors bear liability pursuant to applicable provincial laws. We will review all of your corporate governance documents, policies, and practices, and draft and guide you through the governance documents based on the needs of your organization. We will conduct periodic reviews and updates of your corporate governance documents to help keep your company on track.

Corporate Secretary Services

A Corporate Secretary is an officer of a corporation that plays a key role in the administration of the affairs of any business or not-for-profit organization. Although the role of a Corporate Secretary is commonly neglected. the duties of the Corporate Secretary are very important. Usually, they include the implementation of the Board of Directors’ decisions; acting as an adviser to the company’s directors; administering mandatory corporate filings; handling the company’s shares transactions; arranging dividend payments; observing all legal requirements; liaising with auditors, lawyers, tax advisers, bankers and other stakeholders; attending and taking minutes of directors¬∑ and shareholders’ meetings. Corporate Secretaries are subject to the same duty of care and fiduciary duty as Directors. We can provide exceptional. customized, Corporate Secretary services that help our clients manage and mitigate risks of corporate non-compliance; administer a company efficiently; comply with statutory and regulatory requirements and implement decisions of the Board of Directors.

Fiduciary Services

All lawyers are fiduciaries to their clients. Lawyers are held to the highest fiduciary standards because of their office, and strict regulatory oversight by provincial law societies. Reid Morozov Law can provide you with sophisticated, tailored services as trustees, executors, personal administrators, protectors, and agents in the areas that include property management, asset administration and protection, and personal and family affairs.

Regulatory Compliance

Corporate regulations are continuously increasing, and organizations are forced to adopt various compliance controls to ensure that they obey all regulatory and legal requirements concerning management, labor, consumer relations, licensing, and other matters. Flak Law provides regulatory compliance services that will help your organization avoid sanctions from governmental and regulatory bodies to maintain or improve your organization’s reputation and productivity.

Due diligence

Due diligence is the process of collecting, understanding and assessing all the potential legal risks in a merger and acquisitions process. We provide thorough, professional due diligence services for corporate mergers and acquisitions, as well as for general shareholders’ meetings, stakeholders’ enquiries, joint ventures, tenders, financing and angel investments.

Commercial Law


The exhilaration of a new deal, venture, or commercial relationship can distract the mind from close examination of its legalities and possible future risks. We understand how excited you are, and share the optimism of a successful transaction. We have the experience to know what needs to be done to mitigate possible future risks with timely and careful consideration of all aspects of your contracts.

Contract Reviews

After the conclusion of negotiations, and the vital terms of a new deal are closed, you need to retain a lawyer to draft the contract, or you will be provided with a proposed contract from the counter party’s lawyer. If you are provided with a draft contract, it is imperative that you retain your own lawyer who will review, advise, and make counter-proposals on the draft contract with your interests in mind. We can help you save thousands of dollars down the road by protecting your rights before closing and signing the final contracts.

Trusts, Wills and Estates

Contract Negotiations

We appreciate that you are tl1e master of your trade, and possess the skills to close the essentials of your deals. It would, however, be highly advantageous for you to retain us to review the legal terms before closing a new deal, or renegotiating an old deal with new terms. We will act to protect you and your business interests now, and down the road.


Transactional Structuring

In any given transaction, there are many participants like the negotiators, corporations, financiers, insurers, and government. Especially in cross-border dealings where the transaction may attract negative tax implications, or involve the interests of multiple parties to the agreement, it is imperative to have a lawyer by your side who can consider and advise on the pros and cons of the contemplated transactional structure and suggest efficient options.

Transaction due diligence

During the negotiations phase of a transaction, it is vital to conduct due diligence on the facts presented by all the parties involved. To undertake due diligence, you will need access to your counterparties’ private information. They will undoubtedly require you to sign a confidentiality agreement before granting access to this information. Conducting due diligence mitigates your future risk and ensures that all parties understand the basis and facts of the transaction in the same manner, and that all the facts are confirmed.


A Will is a legal document that states how your property is to be distributed after death, and can appoint guardians and other provisions for minor children. Each phase of your life brings changes related to your property, family, friends, investments, pets and much more. It is our job to assist you with the drafting and structuring of a Will that clearly states your last wishes, covering areas that you might not have thought of. In cases where your assets can be more efficiently distributed by other means, we will advise you of those options.

Powers of attorney and Continuing Power of attorney

A power of attorney enables you to grant an appointed person, or entity, the authority to act on your behalf when you are not physically or mentally able to act for yourself. A power of attorney should be thoughtfully constructed in accordance with your value system and careful consideration of your personal and business relationships, and other special circumstances unique to your situation. If you are ill or anticipate a situation where you will be incapacitated due to some unfortunate event. it is essential to have a continuing power of attorney in place to allow a trusted person, or entity, who is managing your affairs under your direction, to continue to do so after you become incapacitated.

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